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A smile makeover can transform your life, we can create your smile. Restore your confidence and regain control of your life and happiness today!

Cosmetic dentistry can create a natural, long lasting smile which is in harmony with your oral and facial features.
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Smile Makeover Birmingham

Are these dental issues affecting your smile?

  • Do you have yellow teeth, or white / dark spots that you are unhappy with?
  • Are your teeth crooked or overlapping causing you distress?
  • Do you have uneven, cracked or chipped teeth?
  • Have you got missing teeth?
  • Are you embarrassed to open your mouth, do you have a gummy smile?


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Do you feel like you are unable to smile without feeling self conscious? Do you try and avoid smiling completely in photo selfies because you are unhappy with your teeth?  If you feel this way, then maybe it is time you considered a Smile Makeover in Birmingham. The expert team at BPI Dental make sure that every patient leaves completely happy with their dental treatments.  Wake up every morning with something to smile about!

To enable your smile makeover we use the most advanced modern dental technologies available in Birmingham.  Our expert team of GDC registered specialists will guide you every step of the way to complete your makeover and help to restore your smile and your confidence.

Mini Smile Makeover

Restored Front Teeth

This young man was very conscious of his upper teeth and this was affecting his self confidence. Both the front teeth were root-filled and discoloured old fillings.
teeth whitening mini smile makeover teeth whitening mini smile makeover after
The treatment consisted of two new all porcelain layered zirconia crowns and tooth whitening. The outcome shows beautiful outcome with a very happy patient who’s self confidence was regained. Treatments: Tooth Whitening and Crowns.

What is a mini smile makeover?

Depending on your personal goals our expert dentists can still transform your smile even if you have a limited budget. There are affordable treatments such as tooth whitening or composite bonding. When used together these can have fantastic results. Some treatments can even restore your smile with just one appointment.

“I just hated my smile and especially my front teeth. Dr Bhirth at BPI dental gave my all the options and I just so over the moon with the new crowns !!”

Cosmetic Dental Procedures that can be used during your Smile Makeover

Before – This young lady presented with crowding and also missing upper left canine tooth.

After – A comprehensive orthodontic treatment was completed and the missing canine tooth was replaced with an dental implant after a course of tooth whitening. This was completed in 2011 and she has had no issues since then.

smile makeover before

Before – This patient presented wth two fractured teeth after an accident. He did not wish to have any type of removable denture.

After – The fractured teeth were taken out and dental implants placed at the same time along with a fixed temporary bridge. The picture illustrates a beautiful cosmetic result with an ecstatic patient. .

missing teeth dental implantsmissing teeth dental implants after

Before – This young patient wanted to imporve the clour and uneven appearance of her smile. She was unhappy with the previous attempts at composite bonding, which had resulted in an oddly triangular shaped teeth.

After – After some careful gum reshaping, teeth whitening and composite bonding , she was very happy with a brighter whiter smile.

peg composite bondingpeg composite bonding after

Before – This young man wished to have the white spots on front teeth removed

After – After using a special minimally invasive technique called resin infiltration these were completely removed.

white spot front toothwhite spot front tooth after

Before – This patient was not happy with the uneven and chipped edges of his upper front teeth

After – Following some tooth whitening , composite bonding was done to give better shape and correct the unevenness. Result was just after one appointment for composite bonding.

composite veneers beforecomposite veneers after

Before – This patient was very unhappy with the gummy smile and had been recommended by another dentist to have full mouth crowns to lengthen his teeth. Fortunately he sought an second opinion and a diagnosis of Altered Passive Eruption (Teeth not fully erupted ) was made.

After – The picture shows a brillant smile after some minimally invasive cosmetic gum surgery.His teeth were not touched and he can look forward to a lifetime of beautiful smile.

cosmetic gum treatment pre opcosmetic um treatment post op 2

Ultimate Smile Makeover

Full mouth makeover

This gentleman presented with number of dental problems along with desire for a better smile. The gaps between his teeth, worn teeth and severe gum disease were the major concerns.
RM before 2 untimate smile makeover after

With some advanced gum therapy we managed successfully to save the majority of teeth apart from the upper front teeth. These were replaced with dental implants and a fixed bridge. The final smile illustrates a fabulous result with a very happy patient.

Treatments: Gum therapy, dental implants and a fixed bridge.

What is the ultimate smile makeover?

The ultimate smile makeover is for people that have a number of dental issues and really want to go all out to create the best smile possible.  A combination of cosmetic restorative treatments will be expertly chosen especially for you. In addition to a highly aesthetic smile your oral function and hygiene will be improved and preserved.

"For over 20 years i have been embarrassed by the appearance of my teeth and tried not to smile. I have been given me a smile that I want the whole world to see ! Thank you BPI Dental team. "

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Digital Smile Makeover

Designing your new smile.

A digital smile makeover is done using advanced dental imaging technologies which allow you and the dentist to visualise how you will look before and after various cosmetic dental treatments. This is useful if you are not sure about getting a smile makeover or if you don’t want to commit to the treatment cost just yet.  A digital impression will help you to make an informed decision.

Intraoral scanning is not just more accurate and faster, it improves patient experience. 3Shape spoke with a patient during his visit to the dentist. Material copyrighted by third parties, provided courtesy of 3Shape

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