Receding Gums Treatment

How do I stop my receding gums?

Restore your gums to their natural levels with gum recession treatment. Our cosmetic gum procedures will also improve your oral health.


Receding Gums Treatment

Is gum recession causing you problems?

  • Do you suffer with tooth sensitivity?
  • Are you worried the recession is never going to stop?
  • Has your gum separated and you now have loose teeth?
  • Are you in pain, with bleeding sore swollen gums?
  • Are you embarrassed with bad breath, do you have a funny taste in your mouth ?

Gum Recession Soft tissue Graft

Gum Recession. 3D illustration of Dental problem
Gum Recession: Soft tissue graft surgery. 3D illustration of Den

Receding gums treatment aims to restore the gum levels to their natural and aesthetic levels. In the case of gum recession (Gingival Recession) we can cover the exposed tooth root with a gum graft. We can rebuild the lost gum tissue by taking a small graft from the roof of the mouth and transplanting this on the affected sites. This is also done under local anaesthetic and the results look superb after a short healing period. As the graft is taken from your body there is very little chance of rejection.

Take the first step towards oral health and happiness by restoring your gums. Get advanced cosmetic gum treatment by one of the UK’s leading experts in periodontics. Dr BS Ubhi is a periodontist (specialist gum dentist).  According to the GDC (General Dental Council) annual report 2020 there are only 376 registered periodontists in the UK. 

Although some General Dentists may offer gingival recession surgery, very few have the expertise of a periodontist. In fact Dr Ubhi runs courses to teach other general dentists how to perform this cosmetic gum treatment. Dr Ubhi can also perform gum contouring surgical procedures for people who are unhappy with their gum line or have an embarrassing gummy smile.

Fix your Receding Gums

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What causes sensitive teeth?

Cause and mechanism of Sensitive teeth

Gum levels reduce and enamel is worn away

Due to over aggressive brushing or periodontal disease (gum disease) the natural level of your gums can reduce. The result is that sometimes the tooth enamel can become worn away and expose the dentin inside the tooth. When you eat certain foods or your tooth root is exposed to hot or cold, this stimulus reaches the nerve through the dentin. You then feel this as a sharp pain or discomfort. Unfortunately many people suffer with this on a daily basis and therefore avoid certain foods that they previously enjoyed. In a worst case scenario this may result in poor nutrition and eventual health consequences.

Gum recession due to over brushing

Use a soft tooth brush and establish a gentle two minute brushing routine.

Take care of your gums when brushing

Many people use a hard tooth brush and brush far too aggressively when attempting to clean their teeth. They scrub up and down and side to side, which in the first instance usually causes gum recession around the canine teeth or lateral incisors. Get advice from your dental hygienist or local dentist about correct brushing techniques to protect your gums from injury.

Receding gums from periodontal disease

Symptoms of Gum Disease
See a periodontist immediately if you think you have gum disease

Periodontal means “around the tooth”. Periodontal diseases are gum and bone infections caused by the bacteria (germs) in your mouth. These infections destroy the foundation, the gum and bone around your teeth. Periodontal diseases are painless until it is almost too late to save teeth.

One of the first signs are bleeding gums when brushing, eventually your gums begin to pull away from your teeth exposing the roots and creating recessions.  Receding gums treatment and a disease management plan should be followed to restore your oral hygiene.

Comparison of normal teeth and periodontal disease
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Gum recession - Treatment of gingival retraction? Watch Video

In this 3D video of Clinica Médico Dental Pardiñas ( it is shown the Gum recession – Treatment of gingival retraction. Material copyrighted by third parties, provided courtesy of

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