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We welcome and encourage the participation of the referring practitioner in all stages of treatment. We are happy to mentor the referring dentist in this exciting field of dentistry and the referring dentist can even use the practice for the restorative phase under the guidance of our team.

Courses are open to all practitioners who wish to attend.

Getting Started – Implant Therapy

Level: Beginners
Cost: No charge

CPD: 2 hours

DATE: Every Month

Speakers: Dr BS Ubhi

Venue: BPI Dental , 115 Court Oak Road , B17 9AA

Evening lecture outlining the benefits of implant therapy for your practice and patients . This interactive session allows the participants to ask any questions about implant therapy and how to get involved using the most up to date and well researched techniques. The main focus on this session will be to iron out any fears you may have about getting involved and also recommend the best training available in the UK and abroad.

Restoring Dental Implants

Level: Beginners
Cost: £900

CPD: 18 hours (3 days :one day a month)

DATE:  Sept/Oct/Nov

Speakers: Dr BS Ubhi

Venue: BPI Dental , 115 Court Oak Road , B17 9AA

This is an 3-day programme covering the restorative element of dental implant therapy. It is aimed at beginners who have little or no experience in implant therapy.

The 3 days will cover the following:

Treatment planning including CT scanning

Patient marketing and options

Hands on impression taking on models

Implant system restorative kits and components

Laboratory steps

Restoration of single tooth and multiple teeth

Restoration of the fully edentulous mouth with removable implant retained dentures

Maintenance of dental implants and prevention of peri-implant disease

Plastic Periodontal Microsurgery
for Teeth & Dental Implants

Level: Intermediate to Advanced
Cost: £1300

CPD: 14 hours

DATE: July 2018

Speakers: Dr BS Ubhi

Venue: Centre for Advanced Dentistry, Wakefield, Yorkshire.

This 2 day course is an introduction to the basic principles of periodontal microsurgery and the benefits. This day will cover the following and is an interactive session with plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

It covers the following:

The importance of soft tissue around both teeth and dental implants

Autogenous tissue versus allograft in soft tissue surgery
Harvesting techniques for free gingival grafts and connective tissue grafts

Periodontal surgical instrumentation including suture materials and microsurgical instrumentation

Benefits of magnification

Flap design

Suturing techniques

Hands on session on pigs heads

Dr B.S. Ubhi – LECTURES 2017 – 2018

Dr B.S. Ubhi is actively involved in postgraduate education and is frequently asked to give lectures to both dental students and also trained dentists on both Implantology and Periodontology.

Further information on how to register for these courses please click here to contact us

September 2018 : ADI Study Group Liverpool 

Soft Tissue around Dental Implants

October 2018 : West Of Ireland Postgraduate Dental Study Group
Management of Soft Tissues around Dental Implants

October 2018 : Dentinal Tubules Annual Congress
Hands on Soft Tissue Workshop

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