Several Teeth Missing

Several Teeth Missing

Patient Testimonials

“I knew there must be some other way in order for me to resume living my life normally. I that point I was introduced to Dr Ubhi, he told me that he had a solution to my problems, that wouldn?t require me having a partial or full denture for any period of time. The result has been I now have a full set of implanted teeth, which has helped me return to a normal life, I can eat, speak and drink normally. I am immensely grateful for what Dr Ubhi has done for me.”

SW Walsall

Implant supported bridge

Patient Testimonials I will always remember the day after I had the dental implants and my first bridge, because I came into the practice to see Dr Ubhi with an enormous bunch of flowers, because the relief was just so tremendous, from that moment on it simply got better. I have had the implants for six years, with no issues whatsoever. And people do often comment on how nice my teeth are. I don?t always confess that they are not mine. DU Birmingham

Gum disease and loose teeth

Patient Testimonials “When I first came to see Dr Ubhi I had extreme gum disease, my teeth were loose and I had difficulty eating certain foods. The procedure I had was done in a day and I did not feel any pain. The staff all the way through the process were exceptionally caring, Dr Ubhi and his associates are experienced, competent specialists, I trusted them completely. I can now eat anything I want confidently, and for me it has been a life changing experience.” MC Aldridge

Gum disease

Patient Testimonials “The problems began with sore and bleeding gums, I was referred to Dr Ubhi and had treatment with a hygienist who resolved the problem after a few appointments. Its now been two years and I have had no problems with my bleeding gums at all and odd taste in my mouth. I am really happy, I found everyone here at the practice very helpful, and I was seen on time and they were always able to fit me in due to my busy schedule.” HU Birmingham

Replace your denture

Patient Testimonials “I could not image that I would have to live the rest of my life living on just soup, because I would have no teeth to chew with. Mine was not a cosmetic decision; it was a necessity to continue to eat a varied diet. The decision to have dental implant was really to improve our current life and our future life. We are delighted; it has made such a difference to our lives. Now I tell all my friends about what they could achieve if they went […]

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