Dental implant treatment – will it hurt?

The short answer is no. Modern clinical techniques and materials, combined with the extensive skill and experience of the professional team at BPI Dental, allow us to provide pain-free treatment in most cases.


No surprises

A lot of this is to down to the careful planning we perform long before we place your implant(s). Once we have taken radiographs and photographs of your mouth, we use cutting-edge software programmes to prepare for the procedure. Based on the information provided by the images, we decide the best location for the implant. We also choose the best size of implant and the most suitable type of prosthetic or restoration to create your new smile. This means there are never any surprises. We are able to deliver treatment in the most effective way, ensuring the best outcome for you.


You won’t feel a thing

When it comes to placing the implants in your mouth, your BPI dentist will apply a surface anaesthetic to freeze the gum. They will then administer a local anaesthetic to completely numb the area. This ensures you won’t feel a thing while the surgical aspects of treatment are performed. We will also prescribe painkillers and a special mouthwash to use after the procedure. This helps to keep any discomfort to an absolute minimum. We will monitor your situation closely and you will be able to contact us with any queries while your mouth heals.

The next phase of treatment involves fitting the restoration or prosthetic to provide natural-looking teeth. This is a totally comfortable procedure and can be performed either at the time of surgery or after the gums have healed, depending on your individual situation.


Nervous patients

In special cases where you feel particularly nervous about treatment, we offer options to help put you at ease. We provide intravenous sedation, which is the most common sedation technique used in dentistry. It is administrated through a small plastic tube placed into the back of the hand or arm and it helps you completely relax. The medication we use is well established and has been proven very safe for a wide range of patients.


You’ll be smiling for years to come

If you follow our suggestions and look after your implant(s) and restoration, they should not cause any problems for years to come. We will recommend any special products we think will help you maintain optimal oral health. Plus, your regular dentist will keep an eye on things during your usual check-ups to make sure no complications develop.

If you are still concerned, feel free to give BPI Dental a call or come and speak to the team for more information.

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