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CT Scanning

Benefits To Patient

  • Extremely safe machine
  • Lowest radiation
  • Comfortable & fast
  • Accurate 3D digital images

The CT scanner we use is the Carestream Innovative CS 9600 which is specially designed for dental use. This is an extremely safe machine with probably the lowest radiation dose of any machine available in the market. As a comparison to an hospital dental CT scan, it has approximately 10% of the radiation dose.

It is extremely comfortable and unlike a hospital scanner it is like sitting on a chair and the maximum scan time is less than 23 seconds.

This advanced system was designed with doctors practicing at the highest level in mind, and provides the accurate images necessary for oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthognathic surgery and trauma cases. Understandably, patients receiving such care may be reluctant or even scared to accept extensive treatment. That’s why Carestream Dental has also included CS Face Scan with the CS 9600. This software provides realistic 3D facial photos and automatically superimposes them over the CBCT image.

The realistic outcome helps patient better understand proposed treatment plans and aids in case acceptance. The speed, intelligence and design of the CS 9600 takes patients from their first exam and puts them on the path to healing sooner.

“3-D images provide a more complete and accurate way to plan your case and the cost for these images is less than half the price of other scanning centres in Birmingham”

Washer Disinfectors

Benefits To Patient

  • Gold standard
  • Highest safety
  • Prevents infection
  • Provides safe and clean instruments
Having two separate central decontamination rooms provides the utmost in dental practice sterilisation as used/dirty instruments do not have to be transported between the floors of this practice. Having both the washer disinfector along with vacuum autoclaves the patients have the very best in sterile instruments used on them.

Florida Probe

Benefits To Patient
  • Provides accurate records
  • Increases oral hygiene
  • Shows problem areas
  • Helps diagnosis
  • Gold standard
  • At BPI since 2002
The Florida probe is an probing and charting software used by dentists and hygienists to detect and diagnose periodontal disease. We have been using this since 2002 and successfully treated thousands of patients with gum therapy which has been accurately diagnosed with the help of the Florida probe.

3Shape TRIOS Intraoral Scanners

Benefits To Patient
  • Immediate scan
  • No more messy impressions
  • Increased Patient comfort
  • Increased accuracy leading to better crowns/bridges
The award-winning TRIOS intraoral scanners include powerful features such as wireless functionality, a flexible MOVE setup to engage patients, and an unrivaled open ecosystem. Add best-in-class patient excitement apps and groundbreaking preventative care possibilities.

Digital Xrays

Benefits To Patient
  • Reduced Xray dose
  • Instant results
  • More accurate
  • More comfortable
BPI Dental have been using digital xrays since 2006. There are many benefits of this technology with reduce radiation exposure to the patients making this one of the safest forms of reducing risk to radiation. Secondly since there is no wait time for xrays to be developed it is almost instant with the results available instantaneously. Lastly no more chemicals are needed for the developing of xrays and this reduces the hazard to the staff and the environment.

Dental Microscopes

Benefits To Patient
  • More accurate
  • Better visibility for dentist
  • Minimal invasive dentistry
Dental microscopes are have been almost an revolution in the for root canal therapy, gum surgery and restorative treatments. The ability to see under magnification has benefit to both the clinician and the patient as treatments are carried more accurately. EXTARO® 300 from ZEISS provides breakthrough visualization modes that introduce new applications to microdentistry. As the first dental microscope2, it enables more efficient caries detection and a simpler tooth restoration workflow. ZEISS EXTARO 300 is especially designed to meet your needs and revolutionize your practice by leveraging microscope enhanced dentistry.

Computer Assisted Anesthesia

Benefits To Patient
  • Pain free anaesthetic
  • Instant anaesthetic
  • Less pain afterwards
  • Less numbness of lips afterwards

Peace of Mind for Your Dental Visits

The Wand is a computer-assisted system for local anesthesia. It carefully guides dental professionals as they are performing dental injections. Patients who experience our technology will find it offers less pain and more contained numbness for the area that is being treated by using single tooth anesthesia (STA).

How It Works

The Wand uses patented technology to control the flow rate and pressure of the anesthesia during the injection. Three speeds are tailored for each injection type to ensure optimal comfort and effectiveness.

The Wand also identifies intraligamentary tissue so dentists can find the precise location for injections. As a result, patients receive successful, virtually painless single tooth anesthesia (STA) with no collateral numbness.

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