Several Teeth Missing Dental Implants

What if I have several teeth missing?

A single tooth implant works as a solution to patients that have lost a single front tooth as a result of gum disease or a broken crown. It works as a hugely effective solution to a denture that can slide and become uncomfortable.

Our team here at BPI Dental have a wealth of experience. We’re here to restore your confidence and help bring back your smile. We understand that a missing tooth can massively lower self-esteem and we are here to help.

If you have a number of teeth missing, you should be looking to address this right away. Even having one missing tooth can cause real long term issues for your oral hygiene and can have real implications, not only to your oral hygiene, but your appearance as well.

Don’t feel like you cannot be treated if you have a number of teeth missing. An implant will not only help improve your visual appearance but it is a hugely beneficial investment for the future health of your mouth.

Like a single tooth implant, the surrounding teeth will remain unaffected unless they cause further problems staying in your mouth.

  • If you have a number of teeth missing, it can be really harmful to your oral health. Several Teeth Implants act in the exact same way as your natural teeth would.
  • No bone grafts are normally required.
  • They help to restore good oral health.
  • With good maintenance, the implants can last a life time.

Why should I consider an implant?


Again, this treatment will completely eliminate the need to have a denture and will provide you with the confidence you may have lost previously. You will no longer have to worry about the struggle to eat or ever have to remove a denture again and it is something that you should be seriously considering if you aren’t already.

Like a single tooth procedure, having multiple implants is just as painless and our team have a wealth of experience and have dealt with a number of cases, from small to big procedures. Feel free to get in touch with us and ask us anything that may be concerning you. Our team are here to help.

  • Provide a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth, which look, feel and function just like natural teeth.
  • They can replace missing teeth while preserving the condition of healthy adjacent teeth.
  • Stimulate bone and gum tissue to provide an attractive and aesthetic smile over time.
  • You can eat and speak with new confidence.

Patient Success Stories

web-Before web-after

This lady was referred for replacement of her upper front teeth as these had become loose. A diagnosis of chronic periodontitis (severe gum disease) was made and periodontal therapy (gum treatment) was carried out first to stabilise the remaining teeth. After this was achieved, we discussed various options for the replacement of the anterior teeth. 

A decision was made to extract the front teeth and place 2 implants at the same time and then place the crowns after the implants had bonded with the jawbone (Osseointegration) approximately 3 months later.

The final result can be seen and the patient was delighted with this. This shows excellent gum tissues around the implants as well as fabulous cosmetic result.

This lady had an removable denture as a temporary measure whilst the the dental implants were bonding with the bone. The final result can be seen and the patient was delighted with this. This shows excellent gum tissues around the implants as well as fabulous cosmetic result with the 4 tooth bridge supported in by 2 dental implants.

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Dental Implant FAQ

How a normal dental implant will use up to 8 implants to fix the crowns to the jaw, all on four implants, as they say in the name, use only four implants. This results in not only a quicker procedure but it also means that bone grafts are very rarely required. 

The treatment can be completed in the same day. No matter how bad you may think your situation is, the majority of patients are eligible for all on four implant treatment. You can leave our practice within a couple of hours with a brand new smile!

Here at BPI Dental, we look for and use the latest methods of dentistry that are available out there. All on Four Dental Implants are fairly new in this industry and a lot of dentists do not actually know how to carry out the procedure. We have a number of specialists that know how to carry out the procedure and you can ensure you are in the best hands. 

Our consultations start from £135 which includes a consultation with one of our specialists, a full treatment plan and all X-Rays. See our full price list here for all of the various treatment costs.

The treatment is usually discomfort free. You can be ensured that you are in the best hands when it comes to your treatment.

It is a high precision procedure that you will be under complete anaesthetic for. A surface anaesthetic is placed onto the area which freezes the gum before a local anaesthetic is applied which you do not feel as we test it beforehand.

You have prescribed painkillers and a special mouthwash after the procedure and your situation is monitored throughout the entire healing process. You will be checked upon regularly to make sure everything is healing correctly and we keep a close eye on every individual as we understand different people will react to the procedure differently.

Periodontal Treatment

Periodontal consultation & Radiographs– £135

Periodontal Therapy– From £600

Review– From £90

Surgical Treatment– From £495

Regenerative Surgery– From £590

Mucogingival Surgery– From £495

Crown Lengthening– From £495

Implant Treatment

3 Tooth Fixed Bridgework– From £4900

CT Scan– From £145

Diagnostic Wax Up/Stent– From £195

Single Implants (Inc. Crown)– From £2400

Small Bone Graft– From £395

Sinus Bone Graft– From £1600

Autogenous Block Graft– From £1600



Single Tooth Missing

We offer implant options for patients that are missing just a single tooth.


Several Teeth Missing

We offer implant options to help people missing several teeth. We have specialists that can help restore your smile.

All Teeth Missing

For patients missing all teeth, we have a number of implant options that can be discussed based on your situation.

All on Four Treatment

All on Four Implants are also a good alternative to use if you are missing a number of teeth. Get in touch and we can discuss your options.

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