The Future of Dental Implants

What is next for Dental Implants?

3d printed dental implants

The dental implant industry is an industry that is continuing to grow in terms of technological advances. Implants are popular because they are the only direct solution to missing teeth. The procedures, however, are currently pretty expensive but over the next few years, we will see an improvement in the technology and the clinical procedures available to us.

We have also seen an improvement in success rates with dental implants and with the advances in 3D printing and other innovative technologies coming to the forefront; we could eventually begin to see a reduction in costs for the users.

The main reason as to why implants fail is down to oral microbial infection, which is a bacterial infection that can occur after the procedure has taken place. It is a common infection that scientists have been working on to help reduce the development of implants over the last decade or so. Research has gone into developing the composite material in the implant to help tackle this problem and to try and eliminate any sort of infection in the future.

New methods are bringing innovation to the dental implant industry

The recent advance of 3D Printing is an advance that is really beginning to excite dental surgeons. 3D Printed bones and teeth are something that is not too far off at all and has a lot of potential going forward. With patients requiring complicated bone grafts, the advance of 3D Printing provides a realistic solution to the time and money constraints that the standard procedure holds now. It uses a combination of polymers and bioactive materials that can be carefully structured in the printing process.

dental implants 3d printer

It is much more flexible and easy to manipulate in comparison to the standard material used for the majority of bone grafts. It is a much cheaper and scalable option to use in these surgeries and ultimately, it is going to make it cheaper for you; the user.

Robots are now being developed to aid in surgical procedures in the US. They are being developed so that they can carefully control the direction of drills and assist the main dentist in complicated procedures. It follows a pre-planned set of commands that are inputted by the dentist before the procedure takes place. In complicated surgeries, these robots could potentially be the difference with the precision that developers are currently tweaking and improving to direct it to the nanometre.

Could we potentially see a future where these procedures are carried out completely without the aid of human interaction and procedures taking place with 100% success rate? Who knows?

The various advances in technology have made what was an industry previously driven by people that had money to spend, now an industry that is more affordable to the general public. There was a cry out for this to be made cheaper so that more people could have access to the improvement of their oral hygiene and with these various advances, it means that there will be more opportunities for clinics to deliver these implants at a much higher quality and lower costs, with the whole process being a much quicker one in terms of healing and taking to the implant. It is safe to say that this industry is becoming a more accessible one and we look forward to a bright future.

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