Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic and restorative dentistry

The principles of cosmetic dentistry are to create a natural, long lasting smile which is in harmony with your oral and facial features. We have over 40 years of combined experience in the field of cosmetic and restorative dentistry, with different specialists & dentists we are able to provide comprehensive care for all your dental needs.

“The term cosmetic dentistry is used to encompass all the disciplines of dentistry; Where the goal is to improve the  appearance and function  of a person’s teeth.”


Before – This patient wished to improve the appearance of his smile. His existing crown and bridgework had been in place for the past 20 years. He particularly disliked the uneven edges of the teeth and the black gaps above each crown.

After – The old crown and bridgework was removed and replaced with precision made crown and bridgework. He went through a course of teeth whitening to brighten his natural teeth. The result a brighter whiter even smile without the unsightly black areas.



Composite bonding

Before – This young patient wanted to improve the colour and uneven appearance of her smile. She was unhappy with the previous attempts at composite bonding, which had resulted in an oddly triangular shaped tooth.
After – After some careful gum reshaping, teeth whitening and composite bonding. She was very happy with a brighter whiter smile.




Before – This patient did not like the appearance of the dark lines around the edges of her metal based crowns.
After – Following some teeth whitening, 2 all ceramic crowns were fitted, eliminating the dark grey edges restoring harmony to the patient’s smile.



Cosmetic dentures

Before – This lovely patient presented with her worn existing denture, which she wished to be replaced.
After – The teeth on the denture were set up with the input from the patient to create her smile which she was happy with. A natural looking smile was created on the denture stabilised by two dental implants.



Tooth wear

Before – This patient wished to improve the worn chipped appearance of her teeth. This had progressed over the years.
After – The teeth restored with composite bonding with no preparation and no injections, restoring her bite.



Composite bonding

Before – This very young patient did not like the white patches on her teeth, previous attempts to improve this had failed and made matters worse.
After – After removing the previous poorly matching fillings, the teeth were treated with new bonding. This eliminated the white patches and a harmonious youthful smile was recreated



Teeth straightening

Before – This patient disliked the crowding of her upper teeth and the discoloured two filling on her front two teeth.
After – The previous fillings were removed without damaging her natural teeth, the teeth were straightened with a brace and finished off with some teeth whitening. All done in under 6 months.



Correcting a crooked smile

This young patient had undiagnosed severe gum problems and was unhappy with her crooked smile. Fortunately we were able to stabilise her severe gum disease following periodontal (gum) therapy. After orthodontic therapy to correct her crowded teeth, some gum repositioning was carried out to create an even gum line. Finally after tooth whitening, two porcelain veneers were placed on her front teeth. The result is a long lasting smile which she is extremely happy with.

Treatments : Periodontal Therapy, Orthodontics, Tooth Whitening and Veneers.

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Crowns transform smile

This gentleman was very embarrassed with his smile and teeth. Uneven gum line along with mis-matching crowns contributed to his concerns. After having his piercing removed we embarked on comprehensive plan starting with periodontal therapy. Following some gum recontouring on his upper teeth, all porcelain crowns were constructed which dramatically transformed his smile. His confidence has soared and he is much happier now.

Treatments : Periodontal Therapy, Gum Recontouring and Porcelain Crowns.

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