Implant Retained Bridgwork

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Dental implant bridge supported by four or more implants

Case Overview

For many patients missing all their teeth can have a devastating impact on quality of life. For replacement of all teeth we have 2 main options: A removable prosthetic denture secured on two or more implants using mechanical anchors or a bar. A fixed prosthesis consists of a dental implant bridge supported by four or more implants. Implant retained bridgwork allow patients to function normally without restrictions, these are easily maintained by good homecare.


Unsightly and loose teeth


Final fixed bridgwork in lower jaw


This pleasant gentleman was referred in 2007 for possibility of implant therapy as he did not wish to have removable denture in lower jaw. A diagnosis of severe chronic periodontitis was made along with cosmetic concerns. Unfortunately due to the severe bone present, the natural teeth could not be saved. The decision was made in conjunction with the patient to make a new complete upper removable denture and a fixed implant bridgework in the lower.


The radiograph shows extreme bone loss around all the remaining natural teeth. Unfortunately none of these teeth had a good long term prognosis.


The natural teeth were extracted and 6 dental implants were placed at the same time. The final fixed bridge was made from acrylic wrapped on onto a cad/cam titanium frame. The upper jaw was restored  with an removable complete denture.

Clinical Prognosis


Prior to starting the treatment the patient was made well aware of his role during and post treatment. As he had suffered from severe gum disease , this is an high risk factor for future implant complications. He has been attending for regular hygiene appointments on a twice yearly basis and a annual review with the dentist. After 9 years in function there has been no complications and with his excellent home maintenance we hope to get several more years without any issues.

Patient Response

“The result has been I now have a full set of implanted teeth, which has helped me return to a normal life, I can eat, speak and drink normally. I am immensely grateful for what Dr Ubhi has done for me.”

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