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We can stop gum disease and save your teeth!

How advanced is your gum disease?

healthy gums no bleeding

Healthy gums and teeth

1.Coral pink gums and clean teeth.
2.Gums hug teeth tightly, no separation.
3.No bleeding or calculus build up.
4.Periodontal Pockets 1-3mm deep.

early gingivitis gum disease

Early Gingivitis – Symptoms are not always obvious

1.Warning – Do not attempt to self diagnose.
2.There are few if any early warning signs.
3.Gums can become red/swollen and may bleed easily.
4.Periodontal Pockets 1-4mm deep.

periodontitis gum disease

Periodontitis – Home cleaning difficult

1.Periodontal Pockets deepen around the teeth.
2.Pockets become difficult to clean without professional help.
3.Bone supporting the teeth is lost.
4.Periodontal Pockets 5-6mm deep.

advanced periodontitis gum disease

Advanced Periodontitis – Substantial bone loss

1.More than 50% of the bone supporting the tooth has been lost.
2.Teeth may loosen and start to move. (Mobility)
3.Some teeth may need to be extracted.
3.Periodontal Pockets 6-10mm deep.

Patient success stories

cure bleeding gums patient

“Dr Ubhi and a hygienist resolved my problems after a few appointments. Its been two years now and I have had no problems with my bleeding gums and odd taste in my mouth. I am really happy!”

Your next step

Gum disease can progress and damage your health

Bleeding gums are just a warning sign
periodontal disease will progress if not treated.

Periodontal disease (or gum disease) is an infection of the underlying support structures of the teeth caused by bacteria in the mouth. The infections destroy the foundation, the gum and bone around your teeth which can eventually lead to more serious oral health problems.

Brushing alone and home remedies will not remove calculus, you must seek professional help to get your gum disease under control.

When plaque and calculus are not removed the bacteria in plaque produce toxins (or poisons) that can destroy the supporting tissues and bone around the teeth, this happens in the later stages of gingivitis. Your own immune system attacks not only these invading bacteria but also the body’s own tissues, carving deep pockets between the teeth and gums. As gingivitis progress, these pockets deepen, more gum tissue and bone are destroyed and the teeth eventually become loose. If periodontal diseases are not treated, the teeth may eventually need to be removed and replaced by dental implants.

The good news is the earlier it’s treated the more successful the results. The many benefits of periodontal treatment include fresh breath, the ability to chew your food more easily and healthy gums that are free from infection.

Infections in the mouth can cause health problems in other parts of the body. Over the last 25 years substantial scientific evidence has emerged from the medical community linking periodontal disease to a number of systemic illnesses such as: Heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease and diabetes. By having periodontal therapy you are also reducing your risk of developing these diseases.

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Chronic diseases linked to gum disease.

chronic diseases linked to gum disease

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